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Packaging Services

We bring in technology to the packaging business.

Design criteria -to be developed along with customers:

Qty. and weight of the products.

Stacking plan, orientation etc..

Stresses to be considered during transit.

One time use or reusable packaging.

Ergonomics and efficiency of working .

Cost competitiveness.

Our Locations :

We have plants in all the industrial hubs of India.

We have manufacturing in North, South and Western region of India.

We have warehousing hubs in India:Bangalore, Nashik.

Our reusable containers :

We design product specific packaging for you, for your individual parts.

We will design packaging either in Steel or Plastic sleeves depending upon the part type, weight and usage required.

Entire packaging process is taken care for you : right from design to delivery to recollection.

All containers are supplied by us and collected by us after usage.

Leasing model of containers :

All the steel and plastic containers are owned by us.

We will lease them to you on a definite timeline basis.

Leasing cost will be charged on per piece basis on a definite time line basis.

We will keep track of no. of issues to you for every part number by On-site representative.

Transportation is optional : either by you or by us.

All recollections are by us.